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Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB)- the social initiative lead by teenagers from Bali
has successfully campaigned to say NO to plastic bags for more than 3 years.
Kids and adults not only on Bali, but the rest of Indonesia and the world,
has heard their message and started to join the efforts.

People are ready to say no to plastic bags, even more so when great alternatives are available!

The people behind Indonesian Eco-Enterprises ecoBali and iniBags have been supporting BBPB since the beginning of the campaign. As creators and producers of great alternative bags we have now decided to all join forces:

We believe that great alternative bags will help everybody to use less plastic bags.

This is why we have started Welcome Alternative Bags:

* A platform of alternative bags for the people of Bali and beyond. We want to bridge the gap in between organizations and businesses that provide alternative bags and the people who are looking for them.

*Every organization or business is invited to offer their eco-friendly alternative bags for sale on this platform.
Contact us for details.

* As an eco-entrepreneurial joint venture we can not only financially sustain this platform without depending on donations and third party sponsoring. But we can also
contribute to the funding of Bye Bye Plastic Bags activities.

From each purchase:
5% in our regular webshop,
and 2,5% for wholesale orders

will directly go to BBPB campaigning

Come have a look at all the great bags that are so much better than plastic bags ;)